Volunteering At The Hope Cottage: Nigeria Week

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Volunteering At The Hope Cottage: Nigeria Week

We just concluded the #NigeriaWeek in Nova Scotia. A yearly event to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence.

On day 4, one of the events was to volunteer at the Hope Cottage in Halifax and I dare say it was the MOST memorable and fulfilling for me. Sometimes, it feels great to give than to receive.



Me and 3 other ladies (on behalf of the Association of Nigerians in Nova Scotia) volunteered to serve breakfast at the Hope Cottage. We served breakfast to both men and women, young and old. It was mind blowing to learn that the centre has been operational since 1971 and they serve 2 meals (breakfast and supper) everyday to the needy. The hall was filled up with people at all times during our stay there.

Today is Thanksgiving day in Canada, so I decided to share this today. I am thankful for things too numerous to count.

Happy Thanksgiving people.

What are you thankful and grateful for?

Brief Info About Hope Cottage according to their website: https://www.hopecottage.ca/about-us/
Hope Cottage was started by Fr. Joe Mills in July 1971. Fr. Mills, who was pastor of St. Patrick’s at the time, noticed a growing number of homeless people, mostly men, knocking on his door for food and assistance. There were no soup kitchens in Halifax at the time that catered to the needs of people during the weekdays. Fr. Mills called a number of women asking them to prepare a meal which they would serve to the men. 34 people showed up on the first day.
Since then, this organization has grown into an institution which is entrenched in the social fabric of Halifax.






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