The Other Day At The Hospital

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The Other Day At The Hospital

I was in the hospital about 3 months ago, I was given an 8 weeks appointment. So the nurse in charge of appointment wrote a date on my card but from my calculation, she had actually done a 7 weeks appointment, so I called her attention to it. She didn’t immediately accept
she had made a mistake, it took some seconds of argument and explanation before she then realized her mistake. Apparently they were people whom she had given same wrong appointment dates as a result of her miscalculation, so she quickly said, “Haaa I have to call the other patients to inform them of the error” (and in my mind, I truly hoped and prayed she did call them up because it was medically important for everyone to duly follow the time frame of the appointment ). No one is above mistake so I allowed that pass.


8 weeks came, I went for my appointment and while checking my weight, she said I weighed Xkg, immediately I said, I cannot possibly weigh that, so I told her I weighed Ykg (i.e Xkg – 10kg) about 2 months ago, that I couldn’t have gained extra 10kg in 8 weeks, so she then said “Ohhh, it’s true, it seems the scale is faulty, please go and meet the other nurse at so so place to check your weight again” (so in my mind, I said so you know this scale is faulty, yet you asked me to climb on it) and to think she was about to write the false weight value in my file.

So I went to check my weight elsewhere within the same hospital and alas I weighed less than 10kg what she claimed I weighed, so I was right about the weight I told her. To think, they were people before me whom she had told to climb on the scale and written down false weight values for.

I had these two encounters from the same medical personnel, I mean the same nurse.

I let it go the first time because I assumed no one is above mistake, but this second time got me thinking, got me worried, I pondered on how many of such mistakes she had made along the line of her duty, what grave consequences such mistakes may have caused some patients.

I was able to counter her on these two occasions because I was informed:
1. I had calculated the 8 weeks appointment by myself (even before she told me), so I could tell she was wrong.
2. I am also aware of my weight, so even if it changes, it will be a plus/minus few KG and not the alarming 10kg she earlier claimed

Kindly note that this is not a quack or roadside hospital. A very standard hospital in all rights.

My humble advice to everyone is to harm yourself with information especially as it affects your health. When your BP (blood pressure) is checked, do ask for the value and further ask if itÔÇÖs okay and why it is what it is, so when there is a decline or improvement you can tell. Same applies to your weight, always ask questions, be sure your weight is proportionate with your age (there is a way to calculate that) etc, basically always ask questions when in doubt or when you are not aware of certain things, bottom line; be informed!

When a doctor writes you a prescription, make it a point of duty to ask him/her to tell you what s/he wrote (because most times these doctors write prescriptions as though they are writing in short hand), so when you go to a pharmacy, you can be sure you are given exactly what the doctor wrote and in the case where the pharmacist says ‘we donÔÇÖt have this type but this type is also okay’, do not just accept blindly, kindly call up your doctor to ask if the other recommended one is okay as claimed by the pharmacist.

Always check expiry dates of drugs before buying and before use, do not self medicate, do not take over dose.

Do not accept hook, line and sinker what medical personnel tell you (they are humans too, hence prone to errors sometimes), ask questions, probe, go online and make research. After all, it’s your health, it’s your money.

NB: Kindly share your similar hospital experience, also tips and advice would be appreciated too. No one is an island of knowledge, we all learn from each other. Your feedback means a lot. Thank you

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