The Lessons Of Ramadan Fasts Through The Eyes Of A Child

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The Lessons Of Ramadan Fasts Through The Eyes Of A Child

These balloons greet you as you enter Nabeel’s school (it’s an Islamic school), there were put there because of Ramadan, rightly so, Ramadan is a BIG month for Muslims.

Anyways, Nabeel attempted to fast on the first day of Ramadan. He requested to fast and we obliged him. I packed his lunch and told him that he was free to break his fast at lunch time if he wanted to. He didn’t break his fast in school. He broke it at almost 7pm at home (even though I tried to convince him to break it earlier). We break our fast at almost 9pm in Nova Scotia and stop eating at about 4am, so it’s about 17 hours of fast.

Anyways day 2 (Tuesday), he still said he wanted to fast. I packed his lunch and purposely added his favourite cake (because I honestly wanted him to break his fast during lunch time because I don’t want him to fast consecutively and I wanted to test his control level). He broke his fast in school. When I asked him why he did, he said he couldn’t resist the cake 😂. That brings me to the morale of this post. One of the objectives of Ramadan fast is abstinence from food and having control over food, drinks even though it’s readily available. The will to say no is what makes your fasting count. Meaning, if we are tempted to do evil or revenge, we have the will to say ‘no, I won’t do it’, when we are provoked, we have the will power to resist the temptation to fight back if we don’t have to.

On the second day, Nabeel then told me the school principal said they couldn’t fast in school because some students were complaining of their tummy rumbling, so the school says they can only fast at home. So when Nabeel told me about his peers rumbling tummies, I then told him that is what the people without food feel. One of the essence of Ramadan is to feel what the poor without food experience. One can only even experience a tiny fragment of what they feel because we are able to break our fast at night since food is available. Those without food aren’t sure when or where their next meal will come from. So this makes us empathize with them and encourage us to be more compassionate towards the needy. So these are few of the objectives of the month of Ramadan. It’s a month that teaches us so much. May Allah make it easy for us. May we live by the teachings of this holy month now and even beyond Ramadan and may the world be better for it because all we need in the world is love and compassion to one another regardless of our religious affiliations.

Ramadan Mubarak.

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