‘Summer Body Loading’ – Fitness

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‘Summer Body Loading’ – Fitness

So I have been meaning to start and follow through an exercise routine, so as to keep fit and primarily to loose tummy fat. Since my husband and children keep asking if I have another baby in there 😀.

I had actually wanted to start even before I had Filzah, I started one time and relented afterwards.


So this time, I decided to start when Filzah clocks 3 months.

My personal trainer took me through some forms of work-out on our first appointment. I started out on the treadmill and progressed to other equipments. It was about an hour drill and I dare say it was worth it (even though, it was a bit challenging, owning to the fact that I hadn’t exercised in a long time). Aside him been my trainer, he also acted as my photographer. I’m sure, he would have been thinking to himself, ‘did this one come for work-out or photoshoot’. A girl has to take pictures, right?😊


I really hope I keep this up, so help me God. I have to slay, this body has to load for summer 😀.


PS: let no one tell my husband that I borrowed his Nigerian football jersey for my first work out session, since he didn’t buy me one.


Side gist: my personal trainer knows my husband as he uses the same fitness centre. So he asked me if my husband and I went to Russia for the last FIFA World Cup since we both have the Nigeria jersey, I told him I was wearing my husband’s jersey (like he didn’t know since the jersey has my husband’s name behind 😊). Some people can indirectly do amebo and yab you stylishly 😊.

Meanwhile, I usually to tease my husband that if this jersey gets missing in Halifax, they will know it’s his (aside his name being on it) because he has so rocked it. So he will be shocked to see me wear it 😂.


This our Nigeria jersey is fine sha, I didn’t want to remove it sef 🙌.









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