Our First Dinner With A Canadian Family In Their Home

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Our First Dinner With A Canadian Family In Their Home

On November 22nd, 2016, we attended a community dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It was a dinner organized by Engage Nova Scotia, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) and Pier 21 sponsored by Scotia Bank to welcome immigrants and necomer families to the province.



A Canadian family was paired with another newcomer family on the same dinner table. We had the Allen family paired with us. I wrote about our lovely experience that night here.




We clicked easily with this wonderful family that we exchanged contacts. About a month after, they invited us to their home last night for another dinner and it was a beautiful time. The dinner table was so full that it had almost no spare space. It hurts that I didn’t remember to take a picture of the dinner table, I guess I was carried away with our gists and the food.

I made a post about palm oil some days ago and Jane told me she had to research about it as she didn’t know palm oil till she saw my post and she read that it is one of the most widely consumed cooking oil in the world (I also never knew this). She also said she intended to prepare jollof rice as she got to know it is one of our best dishes in Nigeria. She looked up the recipe but gave up when she realized she didn’t have one of the ingredients ?. We have offered to host them too and they have graciously accepted, so I would make them Nigerian jollof rice. She had sent me a text prior to our dinner to confirm that we are an Halal eating family even though I can’t remember us talking about religion. She also sought to know if we had any other dietary restrictions or allergies. Hearing her say and do all these made me realize how far she went to know more about our culture, religion and meals, hence trying her best to make our visit as conducive and enjoyable as possible, which was.

They are also a family who enjoy travel like us as they have been to a number of places in the world. We talked extensively about travel and many tourist attractions in the world.


It was our first visit to a Canadian home, so it means a lot to us, they welcomed us with open arms. They also said we are their first Nigerian guests.

Nabeel woke up this morning asking if we could visit them again today ?, it goes to show how much he enjoyed his stay and his time with the lovely Luella and Maggie. Yesterday evening was a good starter for the long weekend holiday. Thank you so much Duncan, Jane, Luella, Maggie and Miles. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

The warmth of most Canadians here is just out of this world.

December has been so exciting and funfilled.

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