Nova Scotia Legislature Tour By G1LI

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Nova Scotia Legislature Tour By G1LI

On April 1, 2019, Generation 1 Leadership Initiative (G1LI) had an educational tour of the Nova Scotia legislature. It was their second tour to the Nova Scotia legislature, also referred to as The Province House.

According to Wikipedia:
Province House in Halifax is where the Nova Scotia legislative assembly, known officially as the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, has met every year since 1819, making it the longest serving legislative building in Canada. The building is Canada’s oldest house of government. Standing three storeys tall, the structure is considered one of the finest examples of Palladian architecture in North America.’

The Nova Scotia Legislature is the legislative branch of the Government of Nova Scotia. It is made up of democratically elected representatives (the MLAs) who form the House of Assembly, and the Lieutenant Governor. The Legislature makes laws, controls provincial public spending, and monitors and questions the executive branch’s policies and actions.

According to G1LI, the purpose of the tour was to introduce the youth to the legislative process from an early age, to educate and expose them to the “active” process of democracy and encourage the importance of public service from a young age.

The educational tour included observation of the proceedings of the Nova Scotia House of Assembly (question period) from the public gallery and a guided tour of the province house which covers levels of government, the roles of the Premier, Speakers and members of the legislative assembly.

The Minister of Immigration in Nova Scotia, Lena Diab who also serves as the MLA for Halifax Armdale welcomed the group and an official took them round for the tour. They also saw the Premier of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil. You can check few videos of the tour on our instagram page: @LifeinNovaScotia.

Generation 1 Leadership Initiative (G1LI) regularly organizes various STEAM related activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. They also engage in other educational activities like the aforementioned tour. Over the weekend, they organized a family dance party, which was a fun event.

If you have children between ages 8-16 and of African descent and you would like for your child(ren) to be a part of Generation 1 Leadership Initiative (G1LI), you can visit their website: to register.

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