My Mom Returns To Nigeria From Canada

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My Mom Returns To Nigeria From Canada

It’s been a little over a week that my mom returned back to Nigeria. We miss her. It was 6 months of living together. I’m thankful and grateful to God that we were able to bring her to Canada to spend some time with us. So now, we are back to reality . Anyways, Alhamdulillahi, my immediate younger brother had a baby over the weekend, so my mom is back to another ‘omugwo’.

My mom encountered an angel on one of her flights. God bless the man. He did all he could to help my mom at the airport and on the flight. My mom said he is a Canadian and lives in Halifax. Halifax people aren’t of this world, their kindness is legendary.

Meanwhile, I have a legit question that I honestly need answer to. Why do the airport authority and/or security personnel at the Lagos airport in Nigeria prevent people who aren’t traveling from entering the airport? For instance a wife isn’t allowed to see her husband off, a parent isn’t allowed entrance into the departure wing to see his or her child off e.t.c. This is something I have witnessed many times at the Lagos International airport. As a young girl, when my grandma or close family member needs to travel out of the country and we need see her off, we usually aren’t allowed to go in. So most times, people usually bribe their way in or lie they are also travelling by holding their international passport.

The same happened when my mom was coming to Canada, one of my younger brothers and another of my brother’s wife saw her off and both of them weren’t allowed to go in with her and she needed help with her luggages. Let us not even talk about the bribery and corruption that goes on in the airport. My mom said someone actually billed her for using his pen. Paid money for this and for that. This isn’t a government issue but a people issue. Most people like to exploit the other person, once someone has a position of power in Naija, some people abuse such office.

We all went to the Halifax airport and saw my mom off, no one stopped us nor query us, my mom was surprised. So I told her it is the norm.

My husband has been to Nigeria three times since we moved to Canada and I drop and pick him up at the airport without anyone stopping me from going in. I have had people drop me off and pick me up at other country’s airport and I have never experienced such, so that is why I am genuinely asking if anyone knows why it’s the case in Muritala Muhammed international airport, Lagos?

What is your experience at the airport if you see a loved one off? Does this happen in other states as well?

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