My Hair Making Skills

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My Hair Making Skills

I’m literally going to be snapping Nabeelah all week long. Why? I’m in love with her hair that I made. Like yo! I’m proud of myself. It may not be the best to anyone else, but mehn it’s the best I have made so far. So I have to come on here to inform you all. We have to celebrate our victories, no matter how seeming little, right?

I was so proud of myself that I sent the pictures to my darling friend, mummy Fiyin. She effortlessly made Nabeelah’s hair for 2 years without complaining or say no at any point in time, it’s only God that can help me bless and reward her abundantly. She’s such a rare gem.

So my mom took over for 6 months while she was here and I decided to take charge afterwards. I’ve been at it for over a month now and I am so in love with how I pulled this particular one off.

Even Nabeelah said she loves it (before nko 😂). Nabeel commended me too, likewise my husband, even though he jokingly said the hair is flying by the sides, so I kuku told him that’s the style, it’s called flying side weaves. 🤣

Meanwhile, mummy Fiyin partially gave me 50/100 😀, let me tell you why she did, she just wants me to bring Nabeelah over but I told her to allow me continue doing trial and error to perfect my hair skills. She doesn’t even charge me for Nabeelah’s hair.

Oya, it’s you people’s turn to rate me, check to see it very well o to avoid any ojoro. 😊

PS: Mummy Fiyin is the best hair stylist that I know in Halifax, so holla if you need her contact details. She’s been making our hair since we moved to Canada, funnily we used to live on the same road in Nigeria but our paths didn’t cross till we got to Canada.

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