My Hair Making Skills

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My Hair Making Skills

Hello people, I am here again with Nabeelah’s hair that I made last weekend. This time, I have pads on my shoulders 😂. Like, I am super proud of myself.

You see, this hair skill has taught me that ‘impossibility is nothing’. I may not be perfect but I am so thrilled at how far I have come. Thank you all for your feedback the last time. I remember some people here indicated the last weaves were big, so this time, I reduced it a bit. I didn’t want to make it too tiny so Nabeelah doesn’t sit for too long. It took me 3 hours in total (to take out the one she had before and make this one).

Madam Filzah also did her usual puff-puff style 😊.

On Monday, 2 of Nabeelah’s teachers actually said her hair is beautiful, even mummy Fiyin wants to book a session with me 😂 after I sent her the pictures and video, but seriously though she was impressed and commended me.

In other news, diaspora living brings out the DIY (do it yourself) skills you thought you don’t have plus practise makes perfect.

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