My Genesis With Engage Nova Scotia

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My Genesis With Engage Nova Scotia

The Nova Scotia Quality of Life event by Engage Nova Scotia got me thinking about my genesis with Engage NS. My family attended the Share Thanksgiving event in 2016. It’s a program to match a newcomer family with a Canadian family for thanksgiving dinner, we were matched with the amazing Allen family. It’s been almost 3 years and we are still in touch & gotten closer.

In my usual style, I wrote about the event on my blog ( Engage NS saw it and was impressed.

In August 2017, Engage NS informed me of the 2017 Share Thanksgiving media launch & how they would like me to be one of the speakers.

Image 1: At the media launch, I met Danny Graham, who is the Chief Engagement Officer of Engage Nova Scotia

Image 2: I met Danny at an event organized by Status of women, which was focussed on women in business

Image 3: I met Danny at the Nova Scotia Quality of Life event recently.

PS: you would notice that my smile/laugh is usually broad in pictures with him. He does crack hilarious jokes and says really nice stuffs. He hasn’t stopped saying good things about the article I wrote about Engage NS on my blog (you can read it here), he goes as far as even telling people around him, which always warms my heart.

Image 4: the email I received regarding my invitation to speak at the media launch

Image 5: a video of my shy self speaking (the video is on my Instagram page)

Image 6: with Lena Diab, the Immigration Minister in Nova Scotia.

Image 7: with the awesome Allen family at the Share Thanksgiving event in 2016. I have lost count of how many events/outings and visits that have taken place since then. I’m glad our paths crossed, thanks to Engage NS.

Image 8: I got an invitation from Engage to appear on a TV program but sadly I couldn’t make it.

Image 9: a publication from Engage NS regarding my testimony of the Share Thanksgiving event

Image 10: I had an interview with CBC radio & my family was interviewed on CTV. Chronicle Herald newspaper also interviewed my husband & it was published.

Looking back,it’s been a worthwhile time with Engage Nova Scotia & I appreciate it all.
These and more are what makes me thankful and grateful to live in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia.

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