My Experience At Sierra Leone’s 58th Independence In Halifax

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My Experience At Sierra Leone’s 58th Independence In Halifax

Last week Saturday, April 27, Sierra Leone celebrated her 58th Independence in Halifax, so our Sierra Leonean friends invited us for the celebration.

It was organized by the Sierra Leone association in Atlantic Canada.  
It was a fun night. There was lots to eat and drink, though it was a paid event as they said the use the proceeds from such events to help the less privileged in Sierra Leone, especially the Ebola victims. So we were happy to contribute our quota.  

There were songs, poetry, drinking, quiz and prizes were won, fashion show, music, documentary, awards were presented to new graduates, dance e.t.c.

I observed that they allowed the youth to take charge of the event to a great extent. You could see a high level of youth involvement in the activities. Even the 2 MCs are in their teens. I also saw that they listen to a lot of Nigerian songs as Nigerian songs played over half of the time. I could also see them sing along. I have a Senegalese friend who also loves Nigerian songs and movies, my husband also told me he has a Namibian friend who is head over heels in love with top Nigerian musical artists.   

We enjoyed ourselves that night. I wore my African regalia, ate african foods and danced to songs from Africa. It was so thrilling to hear some of my Nigerian songs. I would be sharing some videos on Facebook and Instagram. The Sierra Leoneans were so hospitable.

Happy Independence once again Sierra Leone. 

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