My Children’s Physical Play Time

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My Children’s Physical Play Time

My older children have a timetable for each day’s activities, most times we follow through, few times we just go with the flow. However, I make a conscious effort about their screen time (TV and mobile devices – tablet or iPad). One of the activities is that they play with one another, no TV, no toys, no nothing, just play with one another. Sometimes I join in too. I shared 2 videos showing these on my Facebook and Instagram pages (the feedback was awesome).

I realized that they get to interact more when they play together as against when they are watching TV or on a gadget. It’s always heart warming to see the bond grow when they play together. Sometimes, they have misunderstandings, arguments or little fights while playing together and they are able to learn conflict resolution and on few occasions we could come in to mediate.

In this age (and especially people like us who live in cold places), where outdoor fun isn’t as common or weather-permitting as it was while we were growing up, it’s important to come up with play ideas rather than mainly screen time. Asides playing together, their timetable has their soccer practise time, swimming, book reading, screen time, quranic memorization, crafts, toys time. We just try our best to strike a balance.

I can’t wait for summer to come so we can have more outdoor play and fun.

There is no one rule fit all in parenting. Please what are your ideas for kids play? We can share ideas and learn from each other, after all they say it takes a village to raise a child. So villagers, come out o 😂.

Meanwhile, we got the toy in the last 2 videos (videos on Facebook and Instagram) in the UK in March 2015. Nabeelah is just 7 months older than this toy. The attachment we feel towards this toy cannot be explained 😀. We gave out all the kids’ toys when we were coming to Canada in August of 2016, but my kids didn’t let go of this particular toy. I don’t even think we have ever changed the batteries and it’s still intact, 4 years later. This toy has travelled, from the UK to Nigeria and now Canada 😊.

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