My Children’s Mother’s Day Gifts To Me

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My Children’s Mother’s Day Gifts To Me

My children gave me beautiful handmade Mother’s Day journal and cards with heart warming words and drawings. They also made a ‘bowling’ game that they call Bowling Arcade and we took turns to play it for Mother’s Day.

When they went outside to play this evening, they plucked me these yellow flowers, they even went on to put it inside a cup so the flowers won’t die. 😂❤️😍 

They sure know how to make me happy and emotional. They make it all worth it.

Ya Allah, I am very thankful and grateful for these gems you have placed in my hands. I shall forever express my gratitude. I hope to be the best to them In Shaa Allah. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mamas out there, we are all mothers. For every child we have cared for, loved, nursed, provided for, whether we birthed the child(ren) biologically or not. We are mothers in our own right. We help shape the world. 

I believe it takes a village to raise a child. I thank the village that raised me, for all the mother figures in my life, I couldn’t possibly be where I am today without your show of love, sacrifices and efforts. I thank you wholeheartedly. Ese modupe. May God continue to bless and reward you abundantly. I love you Mamas.

For all of you asking how many Mother’s Day do we have, na una sabi o 🤣.

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