Ministerial Commissioning

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Ministerial Commissioning

I think early this year or so, I watched in the news that Minister of Interior, Mr. Abbah Moro commissioned the newly renovated waiting lounge in Ikoyi passport office, because it was the minister that did the commisioning, I was expecting that the new waiting lounge
would be an eye popping edifice since he left Abuja to Lagos to perform that function.


I was at Ikoyi passport office in September, I wasn’t too impressed as that was what Mr. Moro came all the way to commission! In my humble opinion, I think the comptroller of Nigeria Immigration Service or a top personnel in d ministry of interior can perform that function, so that Mr. Moro can attend to more pressing needs of the interior ministry, but then what do I know. That went.

Then today, I picked up a copy of Punch, while reading, I saw this picture stating that UBA Foundation built an ultra modern toilet facility in Ikoyi passport office (good) and that Mr. Abbah Moro left Abuja to come and commision the toilets. I mean, no matter how ultra modern the toilets are, Mr. Moro couldn’t get someone else to commision them? Or is it me that doesn’t know the roles of a minister?

I can still partly accept that he went to commission renovated waiting lounge but not toilets!

I’m not only pissed about this, I’m more pissed at the amount of thousands of Naira that would have gone down. For Punch newspapers to have carried the news, then it means the media community was invited to cover the event, that doesn’t come free. The minister and his entourage would have flew to Lagos, they may have slept over (hotel accomodation), logistics etc. All of these money combined may even be enough to build another set of toilets.

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