Little Favours That Go A Long Way

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Little Favours That Go A Long Way

Some weeks ago, right from Monday of the week, I resolved I was going to prepare moin moin (steamed beans pudding) for breakfast on the next Saturday; the resolve didnÔÇÖt wither till Saturday came. So on Saturday, I went to the woman who grinds beans in our estate, aside grinding I intended to buy small nylons from her so as to wrap the moin moin for cooking.

Moin moin 1

Low and behold, the woman didnÔÇÖt have the nylons, there was no nearby place in sight to purchase the nylon, my morale went low on figuring out what I was going to do. Then during the grinding, the woman went into her house and brought me some pieces of nylon from the one she was already using at home and she said ÔÇÿyou can have some of these nylonsÔÇØ. You needed to see how happy I was, the whole pack of nylon is about N30 in the market, the quantity she gave me was about one third of it (i.e about N10 worth of nylon). At that point, the gesture was worth more than N10, because without the nylon, there was no way I would have been able to make my dear moin moin. If not for this ÔÇÿN10 favourÔÇÖ, there was no way I would have been able to preserve the grinded beans, hence may have resulted to wastage.

Favour 1

So thankfully, we had moin moin and pap for breakfast that morning and I was very glad my week long wish of having home made moin moin came to past. I took the remaining moin moin to work on Monday and 3 of my colleagues ate from it and they had nice things to say about the taste and then I remembered the woman again and asked God to bless her for her kindness.

Kindness 1

Be of help when the opportunity arises and do not see any favour or kindness as little, you never can tell how much impact it would have on the recipient, plus God always reward good deeds.

Kindness 2

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  1. Dev · May 20, 2015 Dev

    toyin fagbote – coiargtulatnon to you and your family, the protection of all mighty God shall be upon you and your new baby girl, she will be the head.

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