Kids Also Converse…

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Kids Also Converse…

On my son’s recent birthday, I joined his school bus so I could drop off his birthday cake and parcels, also to see his teacher.

Kids talking

I sat in front by the driver and my son and his friend who is about 2 years older than him sat together behind me. Immediately we got in, both of them started talking, so I was eavesdropping even though they were speaking lightly (I don’t know if they didn’t want me to hear ni) but sha I still strained my ears to listen, at first they talked about his birthday, his friend saw his cake and was fascinated about the Mickey Mouse character, then they went on to his clothes, wristwatch and other things which were also Mickey Mouse themed. His friend went on to sing the Mickey Mouse Club House song.

I was kind of fascinated because I don’t think I had seen my son converse in such a matured and coordinated manner with his friend, the most I’ve seen him do is talk to his friends when they are playing. They moved on to talking about other cartoon characters and on and on to other things, both of them were in a world of their own, at a point they seemed not to even care if me or anyone else was listening, they talked till we got to their school. I was impressed at how a 4 and 6 year old could have such a cool convo.

#KidsAlsoHaveConversations #EavesDroppingIsSometimesAllowed 🙂 #JustSoYouAreSureTheyAreSayingTheRightThingsToThemselves

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    I cannot thank you enough for the blog article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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