I like President Jonathan but…

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I like President Jonathan but…

I like President Goodluck Jonathan, though I was kind of indifferent about him till his daughter, Faith wedded last year. I was more of his critic than his fan. Initially, I thought Faith was his biological daughter, I was very impressed when I got to know that she
was an adopted child of his. I immediately developed a likeness for my President, not many people can adopt a child, let alone throw such a grand wedding for an adopted child ( whether he used just his personal money to cater for the wedding is another story). I was even more impressed with Pres. Jonathan when I realized he adopted other children aside from Faith and he had been caring for them even before he became a president, but that is where my likeness for the commander in chief of the armed forces stops! As a president, he hasn’t impressed me much; as a leader, he doesn’t motivate me as such. I have had to listen to his speeches and he just doesn’t do it for me. I say this with all sense of sincerity and objectivity.


Up until this election campaign, I had always perceived Jonathan as a gentle and soft spoken man on the outlook, he proved me wrong during his campaign speech in Lagos some weeks ago. I saw his true self, I saw a president speak the way I hadn’t seen him do before. He spoke with so much passion, he seemed angry, he talked with a lot of energy… all because he was attacking the opposition, he was campaigning against building prisons and what not, that was all the vehemence bothered on. Then, I thought to myself, so this seeming gentleman can speak with this much passion and energy during a campaign rally, I felt if this sort of energy had been channeled towards pressing issues and needs of the country, perhaps we may have reduced or even eradicated Boko Haram attacks, maybe Chibok girls and other Boko Haram hostages would have been released, maybe schools wouldn’t have gone on strike the much they did, perhaps our roads would have been better, just maybe power may have improved considerably, perhaps our public health system may have been substantially overhauled, maybe, maybe, maybe…


I didn’t vote for Jonathan in 2011, neither will I be voting for him in 2015. Even in 2011, when there was a supposed ‘Goodluck’ frenzy, I didn’t catch the bug not to talk of now when a lot of his own supporters have doubts about him, for many of them, they feel disappointed by him as they had expected a lot of ‘Goodluck’ in many areas especially the power sector which he boasted of improving greatly within his 4 years tenure.


Hence, the aim of this post is to humbly and respectfully solicit support for his opponent, General Muhammadu Buhari. Allow me to note that, I do not think that the General is the best man for the job in Nigeria, but to me he seems better than Mr. President, since we are left to choose between these two people. I hear there are other 15 or so candidates, I haven’t even seen or heard of any of these supposed candidates on social media, let alone see them campaign, so it’s safe to say we have two visible candidates for the presidential February 2015 polls. I may not know much about politics, but I do know that Jonathan and the PDP hasn’t done much for Nigeria and Nigerians as expected, hence I seek change. As it is, it’s either we choose Jonathan or Buhari. Please choose Buhari 🙂


I fully know that change could go either way, it can be from bad to worse or bad to good. I want to take a chance for change with Buhari, hoping that it would be a change from bad to good. In situations when I do not have definite answers to issues or when I am not certain about the outcome of a decision, I usually let my instinct and conviction take the lead. Kindly trust me, when I tell you that these 2 virtues of mine hardly fail me, I humbly implore you to please join me on this train of seeking change in this man. Buhari has been generally and widely acclaimed to be a corrupt-free man, many people attest to his integrity. Every man have their flaws, so does Buhari, hence I am not saying that he is free of blemish, no human being is. Please vote Buhari.

Many people truly loved and voted Jonathan in 2011, a chance was taken with him, he used about 2 years of Yaradua’s tenure, so he’s been president for about 6 years. Even though I didn’t vote him in 2011 but I was one of those against the then ‘cabal’ who didn’t want to give him the free hand to lead when late President Yaradua passed on, many of us agitated for him to be sworn in as the president. In these 6 years, even in our complaints, in our struggles, we are still standing! Kindly let us give Buhari a 4 year chance, if him and his team perform below expectation, we can jolly well vote him out. Perhaps this will sound a warning to other intending leaders that just like we can vote them in, we can also vote them out, maybe that’ll ensure they deliver on their manifestoes.


I understand that he is indeed old, but then I’d rather vote an old man who will likely ease my pain, who I’m convinced will alleviate our sufferings, who I believe can take Nigeria to a better level than re-elect a younger leader who is generally believed to have performed poorly. In some quarters, Buhari is also believed to be an Islamic fundamentalist, some fear that he will Islamize Nigeria, I sincerely think that is an unfounded fear. Even countries who are Islamic countries do not have all citizens and residents as Muslims, many of these countries are liberal to their citizens, residents and tourists. I have been to an Islamic country (United Arab Emirates) and on the streets of Dubai, I saw people going about their businesses, no one was compelled to put on the Islamic attire, no one was forced to worship in the Muslim way, if that happens in Islamic countries, what more Nigeria which is a multi religious state. Please I implore you that you should not buy that lie, no leader can solely make our country an Islamic state. There is a verse in the holy Quran which explicitly states that there is no compulsion in religion. That verse also clearly makes the acts of Boko Haram null and void and no verse in the Quran instructs any Muslim to kill in the name of religion. Please, let us not allow ethnicity and religion deter us from giving this man a chance.


Aside from my belief and conviction about the General, I also feel that having a Vice President like Professor Yemi Osinbajo is a good thing that’ll happen to Nigeria. I have read about this senior advocate of Nigeria and also heard of accolades from people who know him. I believe we’ll be in safer hands with these 2 individuals, they may not necessarily do magic but I believe they’ll better things more significantly.


This article isn’t about arguing with you about Jonathan and his government, I’ve done that already, all I desire to do with my energy and the time left is to speak to people about Buhari. So, all I warmly and humbly request you to do is please obtain your PVC and vote General Muhammadu Buhari and Professor Yemi Osinbajo of APC as president and Vice President respectively in the forthcoming election on 14th February, 2015.



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Thank you

Best Regards,

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  1. Anonymous · January 23, 2015 Anonymous

    This is beautifull. Keep this up. I am with you 100% on this

  2. Onikoyi Rofee'aah · January 23, 2015 Onikoyi

    Lovely piece Ma’Shaa’Allah darling. Baraakallahu Feehi & plz kip it up!

  3. bengi · January 25, 2015 bengi

    I’ve reached a new level of reverence 4 U just after reading this article. Quite impressive.

    • Profile photo of Sherifat
      Sherifat · January 25, 2015 Sherifat

      Thank you Bengi. I appreciate

      • Kearra · May 10, 2015 Kearra

        Me too! Benji’s going to be too but because he will have lots of comomn sense in addition to his endearing ways. I hope we can convince him to take on the burden! But he’s a bit younger than Jonathon so maybe he can be his VP then Pres.!

  4. Meed Ubarab · March 13, 2015 Meed

    I wasnÔÇÖt fortunate to vote Goodluck back in 2011 but obviously most of us know he was going to win. The North Central zone believe so much in him then because we felt we needed someone from a minor tribe to perceive the nice smell of Aso Villa and in contrary, we are now feeling to be eye-covered with opaque fabrics then.

    Goodluck might not be a good fit to Buhari but a devil I know is better than an anti-Christ that would come and send me to hell.

    DonÔÇÖt get me twisted against Buhari. I know that the direction of birds in flock is determined by the action of neighbouring birds. This also applies to life scenario. Please tell me who heads APC? Can we trace their histories? Why do you think APC is the best for Nigerians?

    • Profile photo of Sherifat
      Sherifat · July 16, 2015 Sherifat

      @Meed Ubarab, thank you for reading and commenting. For me, it isn’t even about APC, it’s more about Buhari, we should seek change and I am glad we have gotten the change in government we yearned for. I pray Buhari delivers as expected and even surpass our expectations.

  5. Martin · May 20, 2015 Martin

    Many Nigerians are not objective when it comes to prsniseg issue like this one. First of all,I will put my questions up for objective answers.When Soyinka acted as a mediator between Niger delta militants and the federal government, was he considered a member of the militant group? Then why must Buhari be seen in the opposite.When we talk about people been killed by Boko Haram, no one talks about how many Boko haram members were extra judicially killed by Nigerian soldiers which led to their taking arms against innocent souls and structures. Have we questioned the government for killing these innocent people by the Nigerian Soldiers? Well, I am not saying it is a justification for Boko haram to start killing innocent people and attacking places of worship.When our people use America as example, they fail to mention the failures experienced by the American government and military. Over ten years in Afghanistan with over 40, 000 soldiers, with sophisticated weapons and ammunition, technology but they are yet to fall a small group of people causing harm. Besides, we should not forget that the American government has been trying to negotiate with the so-called terrorist in Afghanistan since last year but to no success because they break the rules. We should note important points before we start posting. After all of this, I still don’t see it as an important strategy of bringing peace in Nigeria. In a short time, boko haram will definately fade off and Nigeria will be in peace again.

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