Healthcare in Nova Scotia, Canada

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Healthcare in Nova Scotia, Canada

Sometimes, we don’t fully understand the value of what we have. When my mom visited, I thought it was wise to take her for medical check up even though she had no health complaint. When she took the flu shot (injection) during winter, she said she hadn’t taken an injection since over 20 years ago, but then I thought to myself, how can we bring her to Canada and not be able to spare some money to ascertain her health condition using a better healthcare system regardless of whether she was sick or not. I knew it would come with a price but I didn’t know the exact amount, so I started to make my findings. 
For starters, non-Canada residents pay for doctor’s visit. The doctor checked her and then gave a blood test requisition.
So I called up the blood clinic and they gave me the price of each test over the phone, we went in for the test. As I was ‘complaining’ to the attendant about how the blood tests is expensive and all, she acknowledged that it was indeed pricey, then she said, ‘wait a minute the person on the phone didn’t give you the total cost’, she said she didn’t include service fee. I then asked what’s the service fee for, she said it’s for needles and stuffs. I was flabbergasted and in my mind, I’m like ‘you people still want to collect money for needle’. 
After the tests, the blood clinic sent the result to the doctor that requested the test because results aren’t given directly to patient. I then called the hospital, I was told the doctor has signed off the result, so they said I could pick it up. I was then told assuming there was a red flag, then we would have to pay for another doctor’s visit to get explanation of the result before the test result is handed to us. Thank God my mom is healthy. I just told my mum, welldone and encouraged her to keep doing what she has been doing, keep eating what she has been eating to stay healthy, because I wonder what our bill would have been if she had to be treated.
Though I know there are travel medical insurance but the ones I inquired about were quite on the high side. 
The morale of this story is that I now VALUE every single medical service that me and my family get free using our Nova Scotia health card.   
Even though, I knew non residents pay for medical services, I just didn’t know exactly how much. This experience opened my eyes.
Another one that also opened my eyes was someone who recently came to Canada to give birth, she narrated how much she paid for just delivery, then scans, even the hospital room is charged per night. When she told me, I then started calculating how many scans I did, the number of nights I spent, I even took epidural (which also cost money), I got all for free. I didn’t get to fully appreciate it till I heard of how much foreigners pay. 
So when people claim government’s taxes is too much, I don’t complain o because if I am to calculate my family’s healthcare cost, the taxes we have paid so far won’t even be enough to pay considering how expensive health care is, plus other amenities that the government provide.
This is me being very grateful for the opportunity to have access to a good and ‘free’ healthcare, amidst other things. Alhamdulillahi. What are you grateful for today?

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