Having A Lasting Impression On The Other Person ÔÇâ

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Having A Lasting Impression On The Other Person ÔÇâ

My seat partner had been asking that I get a pouch for one of my devices, so yesterday I eventually got myself into a phone store.

Customer service

As I entered I was directed to the segment that attends to phone accessories needs, a lady was charged to attend to me, after we had checked 3 sections of the store where accessories are kept, we didnÔÇÖt find this particular cover for my device, I had already given up on finding one in the store, so I was waiting for the lady to tell me that they donÔÇÖt have so I could check elsewhere. This sales and customer care rep didnÔÇÖt seem to want to give up on finding my device a pouch, so she continued checking; fortunately she found one and smiled waving it at me. Indeed, her sheer perseverance got me.

All the while she didnÔÇÖt tell me the cost of the pouch before going through all the ÔÇÿhurdleÔÇÖ of getting it (in my mind, I just told myself, you had better be ready to pay whatever amount because this lady had gone through too much ‘stress’ for me not to patronize the store, so I was hoping it would be within my reach). I then asked for the price and she nicely showed me the price tag (even though I felt it may be slightly higher than the regular market price, still I was willing to buy), that is how much the lady had endeared herself to me; because of the warmth she had exuded all through, I then jokingly asked if I could get a discount (I really didnÔÇÖt think I would get because of the kind of store and by the way, there was a price tag on it), so surprisingly she warmly said, ÔÇÿok, IÔÇÖll give you an X amount of discount, even though the said discount wasnÔÇÖt so much, I was still very grateful for it.

Meanwhile, during our search, she had said she likes my device and even took it and admired it, that is how far she went in getting close and been so friendly. I hadnÔÇÖt met such a great sales and customer service person in a while. I just liked her already.

She packed the item and then asked if I was going to pay cash or use my ATM card, so I opted to use my card, she brought their POS machine and unfortunately the transaction was declined, so she gave me my card and the decline receipt respectfully and then asked me to please come, I thought she was taking me elsewhere within the store where I could use another machine but no, she took me out and pointed at a nearby bankÔÇÖs ATM machine and offered to follow me to get the money while I withdraw, and that was the height for me. The ATM machine wasnÔÇÖt within their premises; we had to walk some distance. I withdrew the cash and she respectfully thanked me and off she went back to the store. For me, all of those acts were exceptional and superb. She took sales and customer service a top notch. I was deeply impressed. Thoughts of her played in my head till I got to the office, I still have her in my head till this moment as I had learnt quite a lot from her; patience, perseverance, good spiritedness, going the extra mile, having a good impression on the other person. The only regret I have is that I didnÔÇÖt ask for her name.

Have you encountered such outstanding sales/customer service experience? What does a good customer service mean to you? Kindly share.

Thank you

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