Happy Independence Day Nigeria: October 1st

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Happy Independence Day Nigeria: October 1st

Happy Independence Day my dear country, Nigeria. The giant of Africa, a land full of milk and honey. The country with the most resilient and hardworking people ?.


A country despite all odds, yet still standing.

Dear Nigeria, your land is green and we believe you shall bear better fruits.

I pray you become as great as you should be.

Only if the high and mighty ruling you can be more selfless, only if the past political leaders were more dedicated, committed and patriotic, you would have been the ENVY of many with the abundance of resources and manpower that you have. Only if the citizens can love one another the more regardless of the differences in tribe, religion, political divide, ethnicity e.t.c. Only if we can relate better devoid of rancour. I guess if we all make conscious efforts to be better citizens irrespective of our physical location, it would be for the good of all and the country.


My darling Nigeria, I love you regardless ÔØñ´©Å, I do my bit for you and I pray for you.

God bless NIGERIA ??.

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