Happy Birthday Son

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Happy Birthday Son

There’s a popular greeting in Yoruba land that’s said to a woman who just puts to bed, it goes thus: ku ewu omo. This greeting literally means, congratulations on scaling through the process of child bearing. This is a greeting that’s readily said by a Yoruba speaking person
to a woman who just gave birth.


On Wednesday January 12, 2011, my closest friend’s elder sister called me on phone and said ‘Sherifah, ku ewu omo’. The doctor had asked that my phone be put off so I could get ample rest, so her call was the first that came through seconds after I switched on my phone. She said other things and offered some prayers and I thanked her and murmured Amin in the midst of our call, but really all that I heard soundly, all that echoed, all that I recall from all she said that morning, is ‘Sherifah, ku ewu omo’. That 3 worded greeting spoke volume, it encapsulated a whole lot.

After she said, ku ewu omo, I uncontrollably shed some tears, it was that of joy and gratitude. I think that was the first time I fully understood the weight, depth and gravity that the 3 worded greeting conveys. Indeed, It was a scale through, considering that I had had a slightly challenging pregnancy and was on the hospital bed for a while before I put to bed, so I deeply understood that 3 worded greeting. I knew it wasn’t by my might, nor was it by my wisdom but by the sheer and special grace of God. My Lord had seen me worthy of procreation and He blessed me with a child.

I was doing fine, likewise my baby, so to say I was excited, thankful and grateful would be saying the least. Then, it fully dawned on me that I am now a mum, I had brought forth a life.

Dear son, your sight was the most beautiful thing that I had seen. In these 4 awesome years, you have brought me and your dad blessing, honour, joy, favour, love and much more. As you celebrate your 4th birthday, I give thanks to God, may God bless you, may you outlive us when we grow old, may you grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding. May you be a leading light, may Allah make your feet firm on the path of the Deen. May He guide, guard, provide, protect and bless you beyond our imagination.

I pray that every woman who seeks the fruit of the womb will feel this sort of unexplainable joy very soon by the special grace of God. Our God of wonder will bless you with your offspring. For us that God has blessed already, may He bless and keep them safe always and may He surpass our heart desires for them.

Happy birthday my dear son. I love you too much for words can aptly suffice.

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