Guard Your Happiness, Live For Yourself

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Guard Your Happiness, Live For Yourself

When I was pregnant and shortly after I had my baby,I heard comments (directly and indirectly) about how I had added weight. I wonder if a pregnant or nursing mother is expected to be loosing weight. I didn’t even take it to heart.

Then when my baby clocked 3 months, I decided to start daily exercising, not because I wanted to loose weight, I was more particular about my tummy and my wellbeing. It’s unbelievable how many people assume exercising is MAINLY to loose weight.

Asides daily workouts, I also made conscious efforts to eat right (most times) because 2019 and beyond is my year of intentional living and self care. I guess a combination of the aforementioned routines and other factors led me to loose weight. Asides these though, I usually loose weight after a certain point post delivery. I guess that’s why I didn’t take it to heart when people made comments about me adding weight.

Fast forward to now, I’ve lost a considerable amount of kilos and I start to get comments on how I am becoming slim.

What’s my point? People will talk regardless. So what’s important is LIVING FOR YOU, guard your happiness, do not take people’s opinions to heart too much. What’s paramount is your happiness.

I also humbly feel that people should be sensitive when talking about other people’s weight or appearance. If your opinion isn’t sought, please shut it. Not many people have a mind of their own, hence such comments may reduce their self esteem.

I am not one to loose sleep over comments like ‘you are getting fat, getting slim, getting dark, getting light, growing taller, getting shorter’ e.t.c.

In truth though, some people make these kind of comments without meaning any harm, but you never know how the other person would perceive it. Most people have mirrors in their house, so you need not remind them how they look or set expectations on how they should look.

I’m glad I’ve made more conscious efforts to eat right, though I’m still lacking in my daily work out. I decided to share some of my recent recipes with you.

Here is the ingredients I used for the turkey wrap & smoothie I made this week. Veggies & fruits are good for the body, like we already know.

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