Generation 1 Leadership Initiative (G1LI) & Skills Canada’s Soft Skill Workshop

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Generation 1 Leadership Initiative (G1LI) & Skills Canada’s Soft Skill Workshop

Throwback to the workshop that Generation 1 Leadership Initiative (G1LI) had in partnership with Skills Canada at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

The workshop covered essential foundational skills: reading text, oral communication, numeracy, digital, writing, continuous learning, document use, thinking and working with others.

During the workshop, the participants were engaged in hands-on, fun and interactive activities on the importance of developing these skills and then put them to test.

The participants were put in 4 groups for a class exercise and the group gave themselves a name. Nabeel belonged to the ‘Brainiac’ team and his team came first. All the groups did well, hence they all got gifts.

If you have children between ages 8-16 and of Africa descent and you would like for your child(ren) to be a part of Generation 1 Leadership Initiative (G1LI), you can let me know and I’d hook you up with the organizers or you can visit their website:








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