G1LI Family Dance Party

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G1LI Family Dance Party

G1LI’s had their 3rd family dance party and potluck last weekend. The family event was organized to bring children, their families and the community together.

Part of the activities was to encourage interested kids to come on stage to do a performance. We had kids who sang, did poetry, acted, spoken words, played instruments e.t.c.

In the midst of the performances, Nabeel then said he would also like to say some riddles. So I told him the kids were actually scheduled to do all those activities. He then asked why I didn’t tell the organizers to also include his name, I told him I didn’t know he would be interested, I saw how unhappy he became. So I asked him to go and tell the MC, he then said he was shy, so I said to him ‘if you are shy to talk to the MC, who is just one person, how are you going to say your riddles in front of everyone in the room’, so he said he won’t be shy to say his riddles.

So I informed the MC myself and he was asked to come on stage.

Low and behold, my son said his riddle (albeit shy), as he could barely look up 😀, but I was super impressed he went on stage, something me as an adult would have been shy about.

Kudos to other kids who also went on stage, not everyone have such confidence. I didn’t capture some of their performances but they did brilliantly well.

Though Nabeel couldn’t finish his riddle because of time (since he wasn’t even originally scheduled to perform), so let me tell you the rest of the riddles, after all they say it takes a village 😂. It’s not only me that would be hearing all these riddles at home (I’ve lost count of all the numerous riddles Nabeel has made me to solve.

1st riddle: what are the 3 steps to put an elephant inside a fridge?

2nd: what are the 4 steps to put a camel inside a fridge?

3rd: which animal didn’t the lion invite to his party?

You people must solve these riddles o 😂, oya please comment below.

We had a good time at the family dance party last weekend. It was nice to see my people.

If you have children between ages 8-16 and of African descent and you would like for your child(ren) to be a part of Generation 1 Leadership Initiative (G1LI), you can visit their website: https://www.generation1leadership.com to register.

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