Frequently Asked Questions About Buhari: Stop The Lies

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Frequently Asked Questions About Buhari: Stop The Lies

Someone I know attended an event organized for the Vice Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Party (APC), Professor Yemi Osinbajo at Lagoon restaurant, Lagos some weeks ago as regards 2015 elections. One of the pamphlets given at the event is tagged ÔÇÿStop The Lies! Know The Truth.
Frequently Asked Questions About General BuhariÔÇÖ and I took some time to type it out and also took snapshots of it. Kindly take time out to read it. However, I cannot authoritatively guarantee the trueness of the whole content, but I am convinced by most of the content. #AllForGMB #AllForChange #TeamBuhari #TeamOsinbajo #TeamGMBPYO #TeamGMB #TeamChange #2015 #Nigeria #Elections #President #VoteNotFight #PledgeToVote #GetYourPVC #PVC #APCForPresident #APC #SocialMediaCampaign #SocialMedia #MyQuota #IWantChange


Is Buhari An Islamic Fundamentalist With An Agenda To Islamise Nigeria?
┬À Buhari is a Statesman that has served the interest of Nigeria. He is a tolerant Nigerian citizen that has worked with other Nigerians notwithstanding their religion or tribe.
┬À Buhari believes that the secular character of Nigeria must be preserved (meaning that Nigeria should not adopt or support any religion as a state or official religion). As such, he refused Nigeria as a member of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC), something his successor readily engaged in.
┬À As Head of State, 11 out of 19 governors appointed by Buhari were Christians. His personal aides and domestic workers are mostly Christians.
┬À This is the lie and propaganda of the PDP, because they cannot stain his uprightness and honesty, they seek to use religious division to distract people from their failure to govern Nigeria adequately.

Did Buhari Say That He Will Make Nigeria Ungovernable For President Jonathan?
┬À Buhari did not at any time remark that Nigeria would be made ungovernable. It was a PDP chieftain, Alhaji Lawal Kaita, who boasted that Nigeria would be ungovernable after the 2011 polls.
┬À JonathanÔÇÖs media spokeman, Reuben Abati fabricated this lie attributing the claim to Buhari in April 2011.
┬À General Muhammadu Buhari sued Reuben Abati in a High Court for libel.
┬À The Jonathan Presidency begged Major General Buhari to settle the case with Reuben Abati and the Guardian out of court.
┬À General Buhari obliged and settled out of court. Reuben Abati and The Guardian published an unreserved apology to Buhari in the Guardian of 11th July, 2013
┬À Late General Azazi, as national Security Adviser, blamed the PDP for the Boko Haram violence. He was sacked and subsequently killed alongside the only Christian Governor in the North West, in a military helicopter.
┬À Jonathan admits that his PDP cabinet has many Boko Haram members.
┬À Common sense also dictates that anyone who threatens the peace of a nation would be arrested and tried. Only Abati was taken to court and compelled to apologise for his lies. These are just lies and propaganda fabricated by the PDP.


Is Buhari Boko Haram Friendly?
┬À Buhari does not support terrorism or insurgency. He was attacked by Boko Haram in July 2014.
┬À He took out the deadly Maitatsine insurgents in the 1980s entering into Chadian territory to wipe out what had become a deadly attack on Nigerian lives.
┬À He has repeatedly condemned the criminal activities of Boko Haram and advocated for a united front for combating terrorism.
┬À BuhariÔÇÖs administration will provide firm leadership and eliminate the obvious corruption that hampers the delivery of equipment to the Military. The Boko Haram insurgency will be stopped as he did to Maitatsine in the 1980s.

Why Did Buhari Takeover Government From Shehu Shagari?
┬À On December 31st 1983, due to widespread corruption, several military officers overthrew ShagariÔÇÖs government. Buhari, being the most senior officer was requested to preside over the Supreme Military Council as Head of State.
┬À BuhariÔÇÖs administration immediately initiated a nationwide campaign against corruption and indiscipline-War Against Indiscipline (WAI).

Does Buhari Have The Economic Acumen To Run Nigeria?
┬À Buhari understands Nigerian economics.
┬À As Head of State in 1984, he embarked on an economic reconstruction policy centred around removing or cutting back the excesses in national expenditure, eliminating or removing completely, corruption, from the nationÔÇÖs social ethics and shifting from mainly public sector employment to self employment.
┬À He reduced inflation rate from 23% to 5% with fiscal discipline. He achieved this feat at a time when Nigeria had come under immense pressure by the IMF to devalue the Naira because the Naira was N1 to $2. He refused to devalue the Naira. He also refused to borrow from the IMF.
┬À Instead, Nigeria paid all debts. IMF cut Nigeria off the World Trade Organization but he resorted to trade by barter ÔÇô using oil in exchange for goods.


What Did Buhari Achieve In Public Service?
┬À As Petroleum Minister in 1978, Buhari initiated and supervised the establishment of the Warri and Kaduna refineries.
┬À He established 20 oil depots, laying over 3,200km of pipeline.
┬À Within the short time he served as PTF Chairman, the administration embarked on massive road construction, development of mass transit system nationwide, funding of major infrastructure projects in universities and hospitals across the country, supply of books in schools and provision of medical supplies in hospitals.
┬À In spite of being at the helm of NNPC when it was established, Buhari ran a transparent operation.

Is Buhari Not Too Old To Govern Nigeria?
┬À Buhari is 72 years old but he is fit and astute enough to carry on the responsibility of rebuilding Nigeria. Nigeria needs a mature, disciplined, honest and focused leader like Buhari to put the nation back on the path of progress. Nelson Mandela was 76 years old at the time he governed South Africa. Ronald Reagan became the US President at 69.

Is Buhari Not Corrupt Like Most Politicians?
┬À Buhari as former Federal Commissioner of Petroleum Resources, Head of State, Chairman of NNPC and Chairman of PTF does not own a petrol station much less a rig or oil well. He has no foreign account. He has not acquired any ill-gotten wealth and none has been traced to him.

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