Filzah Is 7 Months Old

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Filzah Is 7 Months Old

Filzah is 7 months old. Alhamdulillahi, she is growing well and she’s had few milestones in the past one month. She’s trying to crawl, even though she seems to want to stand on her feet and hold on to something in her sight, rather than crawl. She sometimes uses her bum to move herself forward.

Like I wrote last month when she turned 6 months old, she was exclusively breast fed. So it’s been a bit tough getting her to eat other solid foods, though she has few favourites. It’s been one month, so I’m hoping it gets better.

Meanwhile, as she grows, my maternity leave winds down. Quite a number of people usually ask me if I am not bored staying home for this long; no I am not because really I seem even busier than when I go to work. Plus I am thankful and grateful I am able to bond more closely with my baby for this long. I did same with my first child as I didn’t go back to a new employment till he was almost 8 months old, my second child was for 3 months, so Filzah will be the longest; 12 months.

PS: I’ve been intentional with my monthly amateur photoshoot of her every time she clocks a month and I’d be doing so (and sharing them) till she turns one year old by God’s grace 😊.

Dear Lord, this mom right here feels blessed and is exceedingly thankful and grateful as always. I take absolutely nothing for granted.

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