Females In ‘Male-Dominated’ Professions

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Females In ‘Male-Dominated’ Professions

It was hair day for Nabeel last week. There was a young girl with really long hair who came to the barbershop to cut part of her hair as I overheard that she was tired of the long hair. I almost collected the hair for you all that but human hair.

On a serious note though, this life is so funny, some people have hair so long they pay to cut it because they are tired of it, while some are paying to buy the hair.

Another reason I am posting this is to show how females are also in trades that are regarded as ‘male dominated’ professions. In this particular salon, I know 3 females who barb hair and I have only seen 1 male in this barbershop.

I have seen many females here drive trucks and transport buses, in professions like bricklaying, carpentry, painting, just name it.

Professions shouldn’t be gender based. If you want to do it, go ahead and do it.

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