Diamonds By Nai (Adetoun Lawal)

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Diamonds By Nai (Adetoun Lawal)

I’m Adetoun Lawal…. and I’m an artist. For me anything about creativity makes you an artist. I am a decorator and an event planner.



My journey into creativity started right from primary school. I remember in nursery class at All Saints Church School making a photo frame with match sticks and cardboard and everyone coming to my seat to have a look at what I had created. As an high school student I really did not have to bother about what prize to take home on prize giving day because my fine art price was always waiting for me. Over the years, the flair for creativity has been in me and kept developing, I imagine how things should be , I decorate and redecorate anything possible. I never attended any school for decoration but I have strong eyes for decor and when I do a comparison with professionals, I just see that I get it right. So basically I’m a creative person but I have narrowed it to Interior decoration and event production.

Diamonds by Nai is the name of my outfit which was registered in 2010. In life I have come to realize that from every down point, there is always a positive side to it. As a graduate of computer engineering from Ladoke Akintola university (LAUTECH), I graduated as a 4 pointer coming out with a second class upper, I didn’t get a job on time and it gave me room to think of what I can do for myself. Of course the creative part of me was always there, I was practically doing events and interiors at little or no cost for friends and family and then it just got to me that I could actually run this as a business, so with the support of my husband we started the outfit.

Diamonds by Nai Interiors is all about looking at your space, best managing it, selecting your theme and colours and providing you with the best accessories to fit in. For all those that know me from primary school, my wall clock has to be different, my wall accessories have to be unique and I do not need to reach the bank for it. We have done a few wedding decor but our first love is home, office interior decor.

Diamonds by Nai Planning is the big thing we have at hand now, we have been able to do both small and large events and our clients can attest to that. We pay attention to all the details you need, We provide you with the best vendors putting into consideration your budget . As much as possible we study our clients and come in as the bridge to make everyone happy, we do all the dirty job at the event. For us it’s a thing of passion to see people happy on their special days, we line up your itinerary and come to an agreement before the day, we are not just all about the wedding but the marriage so we throw in casual outings and gist about life ahead.


Why you need a wedding planner?
Everyone fantasize about what they want their event to look like, be it a small event or a large event. we look forward to that combination of colours, what to wear, who to invite, how we want the events to go, but I keep telling people you cannot be the host and the hostess at the same time. people really have to know their limits and understand that, that very special event of theirs have to be enjoyed by them. Talk to an event planner and let them unfold your dreams for you.

Get A Planner (GAP)

To our brides…
You cannot be the bride and…….
start running all errands on what you need for the day, you sure have some personal stuffs to get yourself but there are lots of stuffs that can be outsourced. How possible would a bride be the one to go to the market buy asoebi, deliver and then start asking out for the money….. ………..GAP

I have seen cases where friends of couple travel long distance and had to just walk around not being catered for till they left, yes they love you but they got an impression.

And leave your reception seats to check if your friends and family have eaten……………..GAP

Don’t assume that family members would run all the errands, remember it’s their sister/brother/ niece/ nephewÔÇÖs day and they also want to have fun as much as you.

You cannot be the bride and leave your reception stage to check if the DJ would get that first couples song right, the song you want to listen to when cutting your cake, dancing with your dad and lots more…. at Diamonds by Nai, we pay attention to all this details and even sit with your videographers to agree on the eventual output for your wedding video.

You cannot be the bride and leave your space during church/ mosque service to be sure your next point of pictures are readily available.

You cannot be the bride and move around all venues for the event to be sure everything is set for the day…..GAP

You cannot be the bride and check up on all vendors on their deliveries ……GAP

You cannot be the bride and be checking up on your bridal train to be sure everyone is set and available for as many pictures as possible.

You cannot be the bride and manage your own time…. lots of vendors would be out to work and impress but, it is your day. TIME for me is key to planning. I have seen an event where it took the bride 3 hours to get dressed for the first outfit and we were going to have 3 different outfits….. then I ask what is left of the day? Would you really have as much pictures as you want to see later? It brings about tension, then aunties, mummies, uncles start shouting you to get dressed, so what would your tensed pictures look like after getting the best photographer and spending so much to look good? This and many more.

You cannot be the bride and manage your own grand entry, grooms dance and bridal dance, lets plan this before the day……GAP

Vendors connect better and open up on what best work for each other………GAP

You cannot be the bride and give your vendors close monitoring…. let them make friends before the day with the planning team, send reminders.

As a start up entrepreneur in Nigeria, the environment has not been too friendly with us. there are days where you just want to pull back and stop, facing other things but if you really do have the passion in what you do, that passion would continue to guide you.
as an interior decor, it’s quite on the high side to have something cool and unique but then you get that ambience relaxing feel you always look forward to lodging in hotels. I have had situations where people just want your service for free because you are friend and family, ask you for ideas or better just look at what you have done with your space and go and replicate to an extent, this could be really discouraging.
For those that can afford it, they would rather go for the top shots in the industry, by his grace we would get there, if you beat down your cost so people can afford even if you are not getting so much from it , then it’s either they feel they won’t get that quality or just move to the top shots.

To everyone out there, Diamonds by Nai is all about Creativity , Prompt, Quality and Passion.

Yours Truly
Toun Lawal
Creative Director, Diamonds by Nai

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