Demonstrative Learning

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Demonstrative Learning

Sometime ago, on Facebook, I posted something about things we learn from people and it sticking and staying with us forever.


In this post, one of those that commented said something about demonstrative learning and I immediately remembered my paternal uncle, Baba Ibeji, very intelligent man I must add.

Learning 2

There are two things my uncle taught me that I will not forget:

1. During one of my school assignments about identifying vertical and horizontal lines, my uncle gave me a demonstrative formula to always use to remember both lines. For vertical, he said vertical sounds like ÔÇÿfa-ticalÔÇÖ, in Yoruba ÔÇÿfaÔÇÖ means pull, so he said I should say ÔÇÿfa-sileÔÇÖ i.e. pull it down, and so if I can identify vertical as the line that is pulled down, then I will easily remember the other line is horizontal.

Similar to the above, I also learnt from one of my teachers on how to easily identify X and Y axis, he says we should see Y as a standing and tall object, if we do, then we can quickly relate to the fact that Y axis is the vertical axis and the other is X axis.

These demonstrations were and still helpful .

Learning 3

2. I also used to have challenge with identifying greater and less than signs, so my uncle said I should consider my right hand as higher (greater) than my left and when I fold in my right hand, it will turn to a greater than sign, same rule applies to my left hand that turns to a less than sign when folded in. That demonstration also stuck with me.

Till date that is how I easily and quickly identify vertical & horizontal signs and greater & less than signs.

Learning 4

I call it #DemonstrativeLearning #TeachingWithExamples

What did you learn and it stuck with you using demonstrations and descriptions?

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