Cuddle, The Dog!

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Cuddle, The Dog!

During our new year weekend gate-away at a beach resort, we were about 3 families that we went on same together, to say we had fun would be understating it. It was a nice adventure.

Teddy bear dog

That said, I just want to share one of my highlights. One of the families who were our host brought along their dog, Cuddle. After we settled in our chalet and had lunch, some of us went for boat cruise, some were at the beach side, others were at the pool side. Upon our return from the cruise to our chalet, we discovered that Cuddle wasnÔÇÖt by the chalet’s entrance where it was tied.

So 2 out of the 3 kids who owns Cuddle then ran to me and said ÔÇ£we can’t find our dogÔÇØ, and I was wondering how Cuddle could have untied itself, I was also bothered that if truly it had ran by itself, then it would have probably ran into some peopleÔÇÖs way, scared them or something of sort. I was more bothered about the safety of others. I just felt the dog will be found sooner or later because it was more like an enclosed resort with security personnel at strategic points, so I felt it wouldn’t run out of the resort, so I really wasnÔÇÖt too bothered about searching for it, because really I do not like dogs, I run as far as I can from them, even the littlest puppy. But then I had to join in the search when I realized that the eyes of the 2 girls (about 8 years and 5 years) were already teary, they were very unhappy about their missing dog, then I became interested in joining the search team, so we could all be happy again.

Those at the beach and pool sides weren’t away of this drama that was going on, the onus simply lied on us the ‘boat cruise team’, so the kids went one direction, I went in another direction and the main search leader was the chalet house keeper who also went in another direction, so we all went on to look for Cuddle.

Shortly afterwards, the kids ran towards my direction and screamed “we have found Cuddle, Uncle so so so took it to the beach sideÔÇØ, while they said that, their faces lit up with excitement, they were very elated, you could see it in their faces and of cause I was happy too because the kids were now happy. Apparently, their driver had untied Cuddle and took it to the beach side, to also have a feel of the fun we were all having.

In all of the search, I was just fascinated about how young kids could get so emotional about a dog, you guys needed to see the kids’ faces and moods when we were looking for the dog. Even in their house, they dote on Cuddle so much that you may even get jealous of Cuddle.

My son has a dog teddy bear, the kids so rubbed off on my son that when we got home, he started calling his dog teddy bear, Cuddle.

Cuddle is actually a teddy bear like dog, very pluffy and cute. Even the kids made me like Cuddle more (not like I could go any close to it though)

Yay! ThatÔÇÖs Cuddle’s story.

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