Chronicles About My Weekend

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Chronicles About My Weekend

Few weekends ago, we had 2 family weddings; one in Lagos and the other in London. Infact, one of my aunties sent me an almost 10 minutes video of one of the weddings and other relatives also shared the videos and pictures of both weddings online. Kai, these made me home sick small because this our Halifax can be sometimes dry and devoid of owambe parties. So much that I had to tease one of my cousins to stop tormenting me with pictures and videos šŸ˜€. I have been to Lagos and London owambe parties and I tell you, itā€™s second to none, especially Yoruba owambe parties. Infact this attire I have on is one we used for one of my cousinsā€™ wedding in London. We did engagement on a Saturday and wedding the next Saturday, we wore asoebi on both days. Even Lagos no dey use 2 Saturdays do one person wedding (usually Thursday and Saturday or Wednesday and Saturday), that was when I knew that Lagos owambe dey learn beside London owambe.

Anyways, I had a small taste of an owambe this weekend and I didnā€™t hesitate to tie my gele (even though I tied it like a scarf, you can manage it like that šŸ˜€). I canā€™t dance to save my life but I shake body small (video on my Instagram page: @SherifatOnabanjo) and it felt good. I had a nice time at this event.

Have a productive day people. Much love from here ā¤ļø.

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