In my few decades here, I have observed that:

Some people will like you for different or no reason(s),

Some will not like you for different or no reason(s),

Some will love you for different or no reason(s),

Some will not love you for different or no reason(s),

Some will believe in you for different or no reason(s),,

Some will not believe in you for different or no reason(s),,

Some will feel indifferent about you,

Some do not even know that you exist.





You may be aware of people with the above feelings towards to you, some you are oblivious of. There are times that you may even be wrong about people’s feelings towards you. There may be people who you think like you but the reality is the opposite, some you are certain do not like you but the reverse is the case.

There are times you wonder why someone do not like you especially someone that you like, so you expect similar feelings from them. There are times you begin to get perturbed on what others think about you, there are even times you strive to go the extra mile in pleasing people just so they can turn their dislike or hate to like or love, still you get the same feeling from them, some people’s feelings towards you may even decline the more you try to endear yourself to them.

The below are some remedies that I have found and used to conquer such feelings:

I have realized that first and foremost, I am the most important person to myself

I know that no one is perfect, hence everyone is prone to err sometimes, so I am not afraid to make mistakes. The most important thing is to be able to accept when I make errors and take corrections accordingly. However, I know that I am not entitled to take advise from all and sundry because most times people see issues from their own perspectives, hence they give advise or solutions based on their view, even though some advise may be given in good faith, I pray for discernment to know which advise or solution is best for me.

I have found and accepted myself, I have to be able to buy myself before I can sell myself to others. I am convinced about myself.

I have resolved to accept and love myself unconditionally, even though I strive to better myself on a regular basis.

I do not give anyone the permission to make me feel inferior.

It’s okay to play safe always, but while at it, I am not unnecessarily paranoid. In as much as I know that evil exist, I do not allow that to make me dwell in negativity.

I am not afraid to try new things.

I try not to assume, I give people the benefit of doubt.

I strive to be trustworthy so that I can duly earn the respect and trust of others.

I observed that some people are determined to misunderstand one, some are determined not to like one, hence there is little or nothing one can do. So what I do is be myself, be good, please God, others will accept me the way I am.

In the end, I know that life is short. So I strive to make a mark while I am here.

These have made me to be more at peace and content with myself.

I just thought that I share.

You have more tips for us? Let us share and learn from one another.


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  1. Meed Ubarab · March 13, 2015 Meed

    Great post and so inspirational…

    I have also learned to accept not to be accepted by others. No matter how hard you try, some persons would still be envious of your success and would be a Mr Pharoah behind you wishing for your downfall but one thing counts, keep moving at speed without an inch backward and the rest would be history… I am just who I am, working hard to be a better me…

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