Alhamdulillahi, Filzah is 8 Months Old

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Alhamdulillahi, Filzah is 8 Months Old

To God be the glory, my darling Filzah is 8 months old. Alhamdulillahi, she is growing well. She has had few milestones in the past one month. Last month, I noted that she is trying to crawl. Low and behold, she has gotten a mastery of crawling. She crawls literarily everywhere around the house, so we always have to keep an extra eye on her. She also tries to stand (with support) a lot of times.

She has also grown 2 teeth. I noticed it when it started coming out about 3 weeks ago, it has grown visibly now. You needed to see how happy I was, it felt like I hadn’t seen a baby grow teeth before.

She has also started taking solid foods a lot better than last month, she isn’t totally there yet, but we are making progress. She seems to prefer some foods to others.

PS: I have been intentional with my monthly amateur photoshoot of her every time she clocks a month and I’d be doing so (and sharing them) till she turns one year old by God’s grace 😊.

Dear Lord, this mom right here feels blessed and is exceedingly thankful and grateful as always. I take absolutely nothing for granted.

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